The LEM Tales – Chapter One

Moonbrew + Paolo Apollo Negri – The LEM Tales (Chapter One)

Inspired by iconic images that are part of our collective visual memory, Moonbrew and Apollo’s first collaborative effort tries to provide a contemporary sonic representation of what the past means to us today – and, perhaps, will mean to future generations. It does so through a feast of vintage synthesizers, transistor and tonewheel organs, string machines, electric pianos, tube amplifiers, obscure analogue devices, electric bass, and modern samplers.

2022 | LP + DIGITAL | Flies DJ-11 | 28-JAN-2022 | Four Flies Records [ITA]

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01 – Project Gemini
02 – Capsule Communicator
03 – EMU
04 – Saturn V
05 – Mercury Seven
06 – Tranquillity Base