Hello World


Paolo Apollo Negri – Hello World

“Hello World”… an intoxicating style of “pop fusion” putting the jazz/rock dynamic into accessible form, simultaneously challenging and groovy, that’ll earn you IQ points or let you simply chill as your life’s moment requires.

2014 | CD+DIGITAL | HBR017 | 21-OCT-2014 | Hammondbeat Records [USA] |Tanzan Music [ITA]


01 – Stimmung
02 – Gumbo Funk (Gimme Some More)
03 – Panama Noodles
04 – Le Nouveau Cirque Du MIDI
05 – Teenie Tiny Cameras
06 – Blossom Of The Javanese Garden
07 – Hole In A Sock
08 – Paco

Line up:

Bob Harris
Mario Percudani
Paolo Botteschi
Noel McKoy
Edoardo Giovanelli
Cloud DJ Danko