The best way to describe Paolo Apollo Negri‘s performance style on “A Bigger Tomorrow” is simple: Jimi Hendrix on organ!




This first release by Voltagecontroller is a soundtrack which narrates the story of an unknown city. What you will find in these 4 tracks is an imaginary and visionary soundscape where acoustic instruments (piano and Hammond organ) play hide and seek with a vast array of analog and digital synthesizers. There’s a clear connection with experimental music of the 50’s and concrete music but there’s also a modern view in the way melodies appears here and there in between the album.



Nino Ferrer… Et Toujours En Été

Des irrésistibles tubes sixties aux expérimentations pop/rock des années 1970, toutes les facettes de Nino Ferrer Officiel dans une nouvelle anthologie 3CD de 60 titres en tirage limité incluant hits, raretés et reprises choisies.

Minimal Animal – OUT NOW!

‘Minimal Animal’ is all Link Quartet originals and all instrumentals with absolutely divine, mindblowing hammond-organ-solos, a jazzy beat, groovy guitars and catchy melodies. Incredibly cool, funky, danceable sounds (such as ‘Black Bug’) mixed with calmer song with laid-back jazzy wah-wah sounds and groovy, ska/rocksteady-offbeat, hammond-driven songs like ‘Peacock Steady’, altogether combined into a well-rounded album from beginning to end.

The Link Quartet Secret Sessions

In occasione del venticinquesimo compleanno della band, il Link Quartet ha deciso di entrare in studio di registrazione per suonare dal vivo i suoi brani migliori. Tre concerti, tre session di registrazione audio e video aperte al pubblico, che si terranno il 16, 17 e 18 Novembre presso Tanzan Music Recording Studio. L’ingresso è gratuito e i posti a disposizione sono limitati, solo 25 per ogni session. Se vuoi essere presente prenota subito il tuo posto!