The best way to describe Paolo Apollo Negri‘s performance style on “A Bigger Tomorrow” is simple: Jimi Hendrix on organ!


Hippo-tize Me


Check out the third video taken from the “Secret Sessions”, “Hippo-tize Me”.
“Secret Sessions” celebrates the 25th birthday of the Link Quartet. Recorded live at Tanzan Music Studio on November 16, 17, 18 2018, it features the best tracks of the band and brings its rough live energy to the listener. From “” to “Minimal Animal” passing through “Italian Playboys”, “4”, “Fast Girls & Sexy Cars” and “Quattro Pezzi Facili”, all the classic Link Quartet repertoire revisited and played as never before!



Nino Ferrer… Et Toujours En Été

Des irrésistibles tubes sixties aux expérimentations pop/rock des années 1970, toutes les facettes de Nino Ferrer Officiel dans une nouvelle anthologie 3CD de 60 titres en tirage limité incluant hits, raretés et reprises choisies.

Arturia Sound Design

For almost 2 decades now, we have carefully selected more than 100 talented sound designers to create sound patches. Find out more about their favorite instruments and go behind the scenes to learn more about the presets they are the most proud of.

The Link Quartet Secret Sessions

The event took place in November 2018 at Tanzan Music Studio and resulted in a new live studio album, containing all the best tracks of the Italian combo performed live and recorded as never before. All the energy of the quartet have been transferred on album for the first time and for sure it will give the listener a new and unique perspective of the band’s attitude. The digital version of the album, together with some live videos shot during the sessions, will be released on June 2019 by Tanzan Music while the LP version will be published in May by Spinout Nuggets on a limited and numbered run of 300 copies.