The Great Anything


Paolo Apollo Negri – The Great Anything

The blistering raw power of Apollo and our collective soul lain to waste with the seventies fueled soundtrack of his heart and mind. The place where The Blues, rock and funk exploded into a glorious fireball of peace and unity…a place where love never sounded and tasted so good.

2010 | CD+DIGITAL | HBR012 | 11-JAN-2010 | Hammondbeat Records [USA]


01 – Gasoline 1971
02 – Cancer & Capricorn
03 – Bollyfunk
04 – How Strong Is A Woman
05 – Black Sheep
06 – I’m A Fool
07 – Paparazzi, Today!
08 – Cannon Heath
09 – Jungle Food
10 – The Great Anything

Line up:

Buck “Flyjack” McKinney
Cleve ‘Reverend Chunky’ Freckleton
Clive Jones
Corrina Greyson
Edoardo Giovanelli
Gino De Angelis
Lucio Calegari
Marco Tansini
Teresa Reeves Gilmer
The Hellfire Horns