Gumbo Funk

HBB033 - 625x625

Paolo Apollo Negri & Noel McKoy – Gumbo Funk (Radio Version) b/w Hole In A Sock (Hammond Version)

Two exclusive radio versions of funk from the forthcoming album “Hello World”. The mighty and legendary Noel McKoy serves up his special recipe of “Gumbo Funk”. On the flip the Hammond heavy version of “Hole In A Sock”.

2014 | DIGITAL | HBB.033 | 28-JUL-2014 | Hammondbeat Records [USA]


01 – Gumbo Funk (Radio Version)
02 – Hole In A Sock (Hammond Version)

Line up:

Mario Percudani
Paolo Botteschi
Edoardo Giovanelli
Noel McKoy




Paolo Apollo Negri & Teresa Reeves Gilmer – Paparazzi b/w A Blues For Me

Paparazzi kicks off The Hammondbeat Hi-Fi Sessions 2nd series with a storming mod vocal from Teresa Reeves-Gilmer who joined Paolo on the brilliant “Closer” in 2007.

2008 | 7INCH+DIGITAL | HB7-06 | 01-NOV-2008 | Hammondbeat Records [USA]


01 – Paparazzi
02 – A Blues For Me

Line up:

Teresa Reeves Gimer
Frank Petrella



Paolo Apollo Negri & Milo Scaglioni – Lightswitch b/w Le Cirque du MIDI

Written by Milo Scaglioni, Lightswitch has a Beatles meets Nilsson vibe with a melancholy vocal and is ripe with electronic atmosphere, deep soul percussion, and simmering synth, guitar, and bass. Le Cirque riffs on LQ’s “Dancing ’round the Walnut Tree” with a electronica twist and relentless percussion that right-turns into psychedelic jazz bridge with heavy funk guitar meets electric piano fusion.

2012 | 7INCH+DIGITAL | HB7-11 | 13-APR-2012 | Hammondbeat Records [USA]


01 – Lightswitch
02 – Le Cirque Du Midi

Line up:

Milo Scaglioni
Mario Percudani
Edoardo Giovanelli