The best way to describe Paolo Apollo Negri‘s performance style on “A Bigger Tomorrow” is simple: Jimi Hendrix on organ!


Favole Al Telefono


L’attrice Marina Massironi legge le celebri favole di Gianni Rodari. Storie umoristiche e dolci, strampalate e nostalgiche, forti e speranzose nate dalla penna del grande scrittore italiano. A dialogare simbolicamente con lei e con i racconti, le immagini proiettate dal vivo di Gek Tessaro, artista visivo e autore di libri per ragazzi, e le musiche di Paolo “Apollo” Negri, compositore e pianista che ha dedicato la vita all’organo Hammond, nonché al gruppo The Link Quartet.


Cobol (Deluxe Edition)

Echoes of Tangerine Dream, Lalo Schifrin, Deep Purple, John Barry, Jean-Michel Jarre, Italian Cinema, Gene Krupa, 70’s Library Music, Herbie Hancock are but a few of the memories “COBOL” will evoke…but it’s much more than that. This new Deluxe Edition features an exclusive bonus track taken from the B-side of the limited edition 45 “Lightswitch”, recorded as a conclusion of “Cobol” concept back in 2012.

Minimal Animal – OUT NOW!

‘Minimal Animal’ is all Link Quartet originals and all instrumentals with absolutely divine, mindblowing hammond-organ-solos, a jazzy beat, groovy guitars and catchy melodies. Incredibly cool, funky, danceable sounds (such as ‘Black Bug’) mixed with calmer song with laid-back jazzy wah-wah sounds and groovy, ska/rocksteady-offbeat, hammond-driven songs like ‘Peacock Steady’, altogether combined into a well-rounded album from beginning to end.

The Great Anything (Deluxe Edition)

“The Great Anything” is the blistering raw power of Apollo and our collective soul lain to waste with the seventies fueled soundtrack of his heart and mind. The place where The Blues, rock and funk exploded into a glorious fireball of peace and unity, and for a generation wiped out the vapid excuses for racism, violence, and greed… a place where love never sounded and tasted so good.